Happy Holidays!!

Wintry Happy Holiday TagsIt’s a busy week for everyone. The gifts are bought, the tree decorated, and my cookies are in the oven. I love baking cookies, especially the sugar cookies so my granddaughter can decorate them.  I still need to wrap a few presents, but I expect they’ll be done in time.

I’ll be spending Christmas Day with family. My children are grown now, but they’ll still be here with us for the holidays. I always loved watching my kids’ faces light up when they were little and they opened something they’d asked Santa to bring. It seems like it was only yesterday, and now I’m watching my granddaughter’s delighted face.

FullSizeRenderI did receive one early present. It didn’t come through the chimney, but the doggie door. Lady, my Border Collie mix, brought in a live toy and dropped it at my feet. Neither I nor the squirrel appreciated it. Imagine me screaming, hubby running, Lady barking, and the poor squirrel raising hell. Long story short, we managed to get the terrified squirrel back outside. I know Lady brought me the squirrel out of love, but that was probably the oddest present I’ve ever received.

I’m wishing you a day surrounded by loved ones, good food on your table and presents under your tree.

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!!

  1. My pets have always brought me presents growing up, our cat’s especially would bring mice to the backdoor all the time. One time though, my dog came running up to me as I was getting back from school one day. I thought he was bringing me a stick to throw so I reached down to grab it, and as I was just about to put my hand on it I realized it had a hoof. Apparently a deer had died in the woods on my parents property and my dog was bringing me a prize. I got back in my car and laugh screamed for him to go away. As I was finally able to make it to the house without him touching me with it, I realized my mom was in the kitchen watching the entire thing and laughing her head off. But the better part (for me) was he did the same thing to her just about a half hour before. We still laugh about it today!

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