You Know What They Say About Laughter

This is why you should pick up your copy of Divorced, Desperate & Dead.

Recently, I’ve been asked the same question by several readers.  “What inspired the Divorced & Desperate series?”  So, I thought I’d answer it here.  But I have to tell you, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.  You see, I was divorced.  No, don’t worry, I haven’t kicked Mr. Craig to curb, I’m talking about in the past.  And to anyone who has suffered from a bad divorce, you know it feels as if someone just reached in and yanked your heart out and used it for a pit bull’s play toy.  And even when I found true love, I was scared $hitle$$ to trust it.  It took hubby a while to win me over.  Hence the inspiration for the Divorced & Desperate series.  And now the three book series has grown to five.  For any of you guys who didn’t pick up a copy of the Three Southern Beaches, don’t worry.  I have re-released Divorced, Desperate & Dangerous.  I love the new cover.  And Divorced, Desperate and Dead is available for preorder and will be released Nov. 17th.   And there just seems to be something fitting about that date, because that’s my anniversary.

DD, and Dangerous med rz

Six things you’ll learn from Divorced, Desperate and Dangerous

  1. There are other uses for petrified Dinosaur poop besides making jewelry.
  2. The sound of the beach, a salty breeze and a porch swing is enough to make any problem fade. Especially when a hot guy is sitting next to you.
  3. There is nothing scarier than a pissed off little ol’ gray haired lady who has a black belt in karate.
  4. A man who’ll let a cat take up residence in his lap can’t be all bad.
  5. The price of a smile. Twenty bucks. Getting one for free, priceless.
  6. Sometimes it takes running away from home to    find yourself.

You can get an ecopy of Divorced, Desperate and Dangerous at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.


And don’t forget you can preorder Divorced, Desperate and Dead now before it’s release on November 17th at Amazon and iBooks.



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  1. Divorcing yourself of the past… now that I have tired to do, but it keeps turning up like a bad penny….I have my copy on kindle of Divorced, Desperate and Dangerous and I have just order my copy of Divorced, Desperate and Dead…

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