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WINNERS! WINNERS! The winners from last week of Lori Wilde’s latest, Christmas in Twilight are…everyone who commented! Congrats: Sarah S., Quilt Lady, Anne, Becka Lynn, bn100, Kelly Mann, Katrina Hall, Faye, Therese, Ellie, and Judy Hodes! Email me at: christie (at) with your delivery information.

Wow! It’s been a busy week. Eternal was released last Tuesday, and since then, I have been on a blog tour, taught a writing class, and had a wicked Halloween! I want to take this moment to thank all of you who have bought Eternal, it had a great debut week.  And speaking of my blog tour, it continues, so keep checking my Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books & Shadow Falls Series) for my latest stops and giveaways.

But I have something special for you today. I’m happy to reveal the next cover in Della’s series for her final book, Unspoken.  And yes, it is the same girl on each of Della’s book covers. I’ve posted all three of her covers here so you can see. Which one do you like the best? I’m torn.  But I will say that I love the motion of Della’s hair in Unspoken.  To me, that tells a little of Della’s character, she’s always on the move.  And when I look into her eyes, I see it. I see the turmoil she’s feeling.  What do you see in these images?












And . . . I said more news, right?

Divorced, Desperate, & Delicious is up for free where ever e-books are sold.


Divorced, Desperate & Dead the fifth book in my Divorced & Desperate series is up for preorder.


And if you didn’t snag a copy of Divorced, Desperate and Dangerous when it was out in the anthology Three Southern Beaches, It should be up and available for purchase.

Divorced, Desperate & Dangerous

6 thoughts on “News. News. And More News

  1. All the covers are pretty awesome. I’m partial to the Reborn cover though since it looks like Della’s about to put a whoopin’ on somebody. Thanks for Lori’s book BTW!

  2. I see a girl on a mission. One who has inner demons she’s trying to deal with and overcome.
    Thanks for Lori’s book….love her books just as I do yours.

  3. I love the purple in the latest cover…but love that it’s the same girl in all 3.
    Yay, i get another book…thank you to you and Lori Wilde.

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