EternalToday’s the day.  Della is running loose and wild and I hope jumping off the bookshelves.  And I’m doing lots of giveaways, so pay attention.

Della, she’s spunky.  She’s sassy.  She’s not the kind of girlfriend you ask if those jeans make your butt look big because she will tell you the truth.  There’s no sugarcoating the truth from Della.  That said, I still know I’d love to call Della my friend.  I’ll even go one step further and say I think we all could learn a thing or two from this kick-butt vampire.  Not that I don’t have a little Della in me already.

You see, when you create a character, you pull their personality from your own.  No, I’m not nearly as spunky as this girl, and I know when I was young, I could have benefited from a little more Della persona, but there was a time or two that the Della inside me came out.

I particularly remember a time when I was in ninth grade.  And in reality, I was much more like Kylie than Della at that age.  I was quiet, I didn’t fit in.  All I wanted was to fade into the wallpaper.  Ahh, but there were the bullies.  And they liked to pick on the quiet ones.  I’d never done anything to this girl, hadn’t even spoken to her, but she’d spoken to me plenty.  She was a known trouble maker. In and out of trouble all the time.

Walking home from school, she’d call me names and taunt me.  It was as if she wanted to make me mad.  I ignored her and I think that just made her madder.  She was getting more and more confrontational.  I even started hanging out at school a while, hoping I wouldn’t have to face her. One Friday, after a pep rally, I’d bought a Coke and started my walk home.  I wasn’t even off school property when this girl and her friends caught up with me.

Unhappy that I was ignoring them, the girl came and stood in front of me. Then, she hit the bottom of my drink.  The Coke splashed up in my face.  I don’t know what hit me, but I’d suddenly taken all I could.  The essence of my Dellaness came out to play, and I tossed the rest of that drink in her face.

The next thing I knew, she knocked me down and we were in a serious scuffle.  Some teacher ran over and broke it up.  And you know, come Monday morning, I was called into the principal’s office.  I’d never been called into his office before.  I’d never even been in trouble.  Like I said, people didn’t know I existed.

The principal sat behind his big desk and asked both of us what happened.  I told him everything.  Ahh, but then the girl told her story.  And it was a whopper of a story, too.  How I’d jumped her and had been throwing rocks at her on the way home.

The principle looked at us and said since we both had different stories, and he didn’t know who to believe, he was going to expel both of us from school for three days.  Once again, something came over me.  If I’d had fangs and eyes that changed color, I’m sure I would have scared the bejibbies out of that man, because I suddenly found myself sitting up straighter, unwilling to just shut up and take a punishment for something I hadn’t done.  She’d been bullying me for over a month.

“Excuse me, sir,” I said to the principal.  “Can I please speak?”

He nodded.  I swallowed the bit of fear down my throat.  “Sir, can you tell me how many times I’ve been in your office in the past three years?”

He looked at me strangely.  “I don’t think you have.”

“That’s right.  Never.  Not only do I not get in trouble, I work really hard at avoiding it.”  I looked at the girl sitting next to me, the bully, the one who’d made my last month of school holy hell.  Then I looked back at the principal.  “Now, sir, can you tell me how many times she’s been in your office?”

He just looked at me, but didn’t speak

“My point, sir, is this.  I sit here in your office, with no record of ever causing any problems.  I tell you my story.  And in here with me, is a girl who is known for causing trouble. A girl who has been accused of this very thing, expelled from school numerous times for doing this, and you tell me my word is no more believable than hers.  Why are my years of good behavior not being considered?   When is it that a person’s character doesn’t add credit to her word? “

The principal sat there almost speechless.  He finally leaned back in his chair and shook his head.  “Young lady,” he said.  “You make a very good point.  I hope you are considering becoming a lawyer.  You may leave the office now.”

I wasn’t expelled.  She was.  Oddly enough, she never picked on me again.  And I can tell you that I honestly believe it wasn’t me standing up to her when she knocked my Coke in my hands that stopped her from bullying me again.  It was me using my words to put her in her place that made her realize I wasn’t somebody she could run over.

Perhaps from that ounce of spunk, Della was born.  Now it’s your turn.  This week, one lucky person who posts on my C.C. Hunter blog at and tells me they bought a copy of Eternal and tells me how and why they can relate to Della, will win a Kindle. I’ll also be giving away a Shadow Falls T-shirt, and hard copies of the both Eternal and Reborn.

I would also like to add, as a special note, that my very good friend, Lori Wilde has her latest release today as well, Christmas at Twilight. To celebrate, I’m giving TEN lucky commenters a copy. Be sure to check back next week to see if you’ve won. Here’s the book blurb:


It’s Christmas in Twilight, Texas. The Cookie Club is baking, the town is decorated, and Delta Force Operator “Hutch” Hutchinson has finally, reluctantly, returned home . . .

. . . only to get pepper sprayed by the delicious- looking stranger who’s taken over his house. She says her name is Jane, and she immediately sets down ground rules. Top priority: no touching. For Hutch that isn’t easy—he was wounded in action, but one part is still working very well.

Then Hutch learns the truth. Jane harbors a frightening secret—she’s really Meredith Sommers, on the run from a dangerous ex-husband and desperately in need of the safety Hutch can provide. In that moment, he vows he’d do anything in his power to protect her. And as Christmas approaches, they discover that their love can conquer the past and overcome any obstacle—but what price will they pay?

Available at Amazon!

And to all the fans of Shadow Falls: After Dark, Della and I both thank you.  On a parting thought, I’m kind of glad I didn’t take that principal’s advice and become a lawyer.  I love writing too much.


13 thoughts on “Eternal

  1. OMG! You are amazing. I also didn’t always fit in and was very quiet, I still mostly am, but I didn’t get picked on a whole lot either, since my older sister was pretty much feared if anyone looked at me the wrong way. My sister and I didn’t get along at that age, but she was certainly not going to let anyone mess with her little sister. If anyone was going to make my life miserable it was going to be her. 🙂

  2. I have just started reading Christmas books and I am looking forward to this one. Thanks for the giveaway. Loved your post and it sounds like something I would have done. I didn’t get in much troble at school either.

  3. What a brave move. enough is enough. I would do the same. I am very small and was quiet, never caused trouble, avoided problems and troublemakers. I too, would have spoken to the principal as you did. When I was in high school there was no trouble for me. I guess I was lucky. When I was younger and in elementary school a boy constantly picked on me and beat me up. I never told a soul. I was a good target. Still am, treated as if I am either invisible or dense. Congratulations on your success.

  4. Good for you for standing up to her and for yourself in front of the principal! I’m glad you didn’t become a lawyer too….that would be boring LOL Plus, I would miss your stories way too much.
    I’m more of a watcher but I do speak my mind and stand up for myself, maybe too much but I’m not a pushover nor am I trouble maker/drama queen either.
    I really need to get your YA books! I have them in the wishlist, just haven’t had time to sit down and read! I need to ditch one of my full time jobs haha Hopefully one day!

  5. That is great you stood up for yourself. Everyone needs to do that every once in a while. That is awesome news on your release!! I love all your books. Would love a chance to read Lori Wilde new book.

  6. Congrats on the release and it is great that you stood up for yourself everyone needs to learn to do that!! I haven’t had the chance to read Eternal yet, it’s on my to buy list. It’s great that you are giving away a copy of Lori Wilde’s book. Thank you for the chance!!

  7. Congratulations! You were smart, and amazing to speak up and assert yourself when you were in school. Thanks for your great books and posts.

  8. I became friends with a bully after i stood up for myself.
    She told me she respected me for sticking up for my values.
    It’s that time of year when i like to read Christmas books. This one looks
    Like a good one to start with.

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