Visiting With Old Friends

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Do you have any friends that you haven’t seen in a while?  The kind of friend you run into at the grocery store and you just pick up where you left off?  And before you know it, you’ve stood there so long that the frozen items in your cart melt and you secretly go switch them out?  (Hey, tell me you haven’t done that.)

Well, recently I’ve run into some old friends.  And it was like magic.  Yes, these friends are fictional characters, but that doesn’t really change things.  (It just proves I’m a little bit crazy.) Who are these friends?  All my ol’ buddies from the Divorced & Desperate series.  Chase & Lacy.  Sue & Jason.  And Kathy & Luke.


DDDeceivedDDDatingI love the little cameos these characters make in my two new Divorced & Desperate books.   Divorced, Desperate & Dangerous (Now available in the anthology, Three Southern Beaches, and soon to be released as its on work) and Divorced, Desperate & Dead, which will be out November 20th.


Divorced, Desperate & Dangerous










Oh, here’s the new covers that will appear on Divorced,Desperate & Dangerous in a few weeks, and the cover for Divorced,Desperate & Dead.  I hope you guys enjoy these books half as much I enjoyed writing them.


4 thoughts on “Visiting With Old Friends

  1. Will the Dangerous be turned into a full length novel or kept as it is in the Three Beaches? I loved all 4 of these and can not wait to read about the after life 🙂

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