Ye-haw!  Last week’s winners of Melissa Cutler’s hot book bundles are: Jolene A. and Khriste Close.  Please email me at christie (at) christie-craig (dot) com with your snail mail addresses to claim your prizes.  Congratulations!

Now, this week, I’d like to introduce you to another author.  She’s just debuted her first novel, Masquerade, with Crimson Romance and if you could hear her speak, you’d just love her Aussie accent!  So, please help me welcome Nicole Flockton!


So, Nicole, what is the craziest job you’ve had outside of being an author?

I have to be honest here and say I’ve not had a crazy job, more like a crazy situation at one job I had.  I was working for a Trustee Company, in the Deceased Estates section. I would get people ringing up to see if we held a Will for a person that has recently passed away. The craziest answer I ever got when I asked the question “What is the Date of Death?” Someone replied “10 minutes ago”. I never had an answer like that again. It was so bizarre.

If you were going to a deserted island and could only take five things, what would they be?

Vegemite (can’t go anywhere without that) LOL.

A box of books – can I have that if it’s only one item, you know it’s just one box LOL

Note book – to write on

Pen – to write with


What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who don’t use their indicators. It’s so frustrating when I’m at an intersection or behind a car and they decide to turn all of a sudden. Or they just decide to drift across 5 lanes of traffic to get to the exit on the interstate! Seriously it’s not that hard to put your indicator on. Might stop a few accidents too LOL!

***For anyone who needs an Aussie translator, an indicator is a turn signal!  LOL

Great answers, Nicole.  I especially like your deserted island must-haves.  Now, can you share a little about your book?

After being humiliated by her fiancée, Sophie Franklyn has decided that getting involved with work colleagues and men in general isn’t for her. Now her focus is going to be on her career and her recent promotion. That is until at a New Year’s Eve masquerade ball, she meets a man that tempts her to question her choices.

Alex Scavoni is extremely dedicated to his job, so dedicated that his first marriage crumbled under the pressure of his dedication. Now he’s happily single, with a new job he’s excited to start. When he meets a masked Sophie at the ball, she fires desires in him he thought long dead. He spends a wonderful night with her, but wakes up alone.

The next time the two meet, it’s in the high pressure world of Emergency Room medicine where they must work side by side. While they deal with the stresses of the Emergency ward, they endeavor to keep their feelings for each other on a professional nature. When the desire that pushed them together that one night flares to life again, can they ignore them or will their one night together have consequences neither of them planned on?

And, where can we find you and the book?

My website is –

The book is available at:

Crimson Romance –

Amazon –

I-Tunes –

Sounds perfect!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for having me here Christie!


So, what about the rest of you?  What are some of your pet peeves?  Is it those darn indicators?  Or something else?  Leave a comment and I’ll choose two lucky people next week to win Nicole’s book.  Be sure and stop back by to see if you’ve won!


On her very first school report her teacher said ‘Nicole likes to tell her own stories’.

It wasn’t until after the birth of her daughter and after having fun on the community board of that she finally decided to take the plunge and write a book.

Nicole joined the fabulous Romance Writers of Australia and eventually linked up with a great group of girls and formed “WINKGirls”

The stories she writes are contemporary romances with either a medical setting or in the boardrooms of high powered business. Nicole enjoys taking two characters and creating unique situations for them.

Apart from writing Nicole is busy looking after her very own hero – her wonderfully supportive husband, and her two fabulous kids. She also enjoys watching sports and, of course, reading.

53 thoughts on “Masquerade

  1. Pet peeve #1: People who don’t realize they’re using an acronym and say, “Enter your PIN number” or “Where’s the ATM machine?” You wouldn’t say “Enter your personal identification number number” or “Where’s the automated teller machine machine?”
    Pet peeve #2: People who hurry to get in front of you when driving, then slam on their brakes (indicators optional) and immediately turn. Or worse, just pull in front of you and go slow, when it was clear for blocks behind.
    Pet peeve #3: People who feel the need to talk to me when I’m reading. Don’t they know I’m miles (if not continents or worlds) away!?

  2. I hate when your in a public toilet, and someone comes out and walks out without washing their hands. It’s wrong and minging uck!

  3. Hi Christie!! Thanks for having me and hello to Laura and Katherine.

    Laura I so totally relate to everything you said are your pet peeves.

    Katherine I had a situation where I was using a restroom. The door was locked, she tried the door I think three times. Then she knocked on the door when I used the hand dryer! Umm hello! It’s pretty obvious someone is using the rest room, when the door is locked, the toilet flushes and then the hand dryer is used. LOL

  4. Lets see….the turn signal thing irritates the crap out of me. I also hate when drivers slow down a mile before they turn. I hate hate going to the grocery store and having the broken cart that you can hear coming from several aisles away. I also detest when people leave their cart in the middle of the aisle and walk around blocking the way.

  5. My pet peeve is rudeness. It takes so little effort to be polite and thoughtful. A person who pushes ahead, cuts in line, or talks over you is simply saying “I think I’m more important than you are.”

  6. Nicole,

    Thank you so much for visiting today. I can’t wait to read your book. My biggest pet peeve is lemon seeds. I love lemon and lemon in my water. But you will see me spoon diving in my water for fifteen minutes if I can seed in my water. LOL.


    • November 17, 2010 at 3:24 amWall said Srini, not to mention the sacrifices you make for pleasing others more often than not burn your well-being while making others flourish (at your expense) of course. Did you have a chance to read my free manifesto about it? Reply

  7. Hey Christie

    Thank you for having Nicole on your blog today! (Waving to Nic!)

    Nicole – Congrats on your debut novel – I know its going to be the first of many – wishing you every success with them!

    My pet peeve: When people make that horrid noise in their throat as they suck the ‘snot’ back into their bodies instead of blowing their noses, and then almost gargle with it in their throats…. yuck…. totally grosses me out.

    Never understand why they would do that when its do disgusting and inconsiderate to other people around. Makes me want to shout: “Just get a tissue and blow it!”

    Have a great day!

    Bye 4 now

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  8. Congrats on your book, it sounds like a great read. I am with you on the turn signal thingy. Also when people drive for twenty mile with the turn signal on, bug the crap out of me. Also what bugs me is when they drive about forty mile per hour then speed up and little then slow back down, and if you try to go around them they will speed back up again.

  9. One of my pet peeves is somebody chomping gum with their mouth open. Another one is leaving enough room to be able to stop while driving on the freeway and somebody always cuts in front of you.

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