Midnight Hour

MidnightHour_Final CVR_revisedWow, I can hardly believe we began this Shadow Falls adventure March 29, 2014 with the publication of Born at Midnight. It all started with Kylie’s story. Then there was Della’s. Now, it’s Miranda’s turn. Three best friends. Three incredible life journeys. I’m best friends with all of them. Perhaps you are too. I have seen them grow, change, mature as their story progressed. Now, it’s drawing to a close. I’ll miss them all, and I will hold them in my heart forever.





I came across a song that reminded me a lot of Kylie when I was still writing her series. I think of her every time I hear it. I posted it before, but I think it bears reposting. I also asked you to help me pick a song for Della and you did. I love what you chose. Now. I’m asking you to help me find Miranda’s song. She’s a loyal friend who has grown up a lot since we first met her at Shadow Falls Camp. And in Midnight Hour, she finds a strength she didn’t know she had to meet her foes head on. So, it should be a special song, one that fits both her soft and new found strong side. So, please help me out and post your suggestions below. I’ll give away a Midnight Hour bag of swag to someone who leave a comment/suggestion. What will Miranda’s song be? (This giveaway is limited to US residents. If you’re reading this on Goodreads, you must leave a comment on my website blog in order to enter my giveaway.)

Kylie’s song: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Della’s song: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Miranda’s novel, Midnight Hour, is available now for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo.

For a preview of Midnight Hour click HERE.


On Thursday, September 1st, I’m posting a special blog. I’ll be announcing my big news. Yup, the thing I’ve been hinting at for a while now. So, you really need to set a reminder on your phone to return here on Thursday. You won’t want to miss this announcement. I think it will make all you Shadow Falls fans very happy.

Divorced, Desperate and Dead

D,D, Dangerous hi rzHurry and order Divorced, Desperate and Dead while it’s still only 99 cents. This sale ends soon! Order your copy today at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo.


April Fools in August

You know how in the Craig house we’re always up to no good.  Someone is always trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes.  Well, recently my son came home from his girlfriend’s.  In a very convincing voice he says, “Hey, my girlfriend sent you some ice cream treats she found that are low carb.”

Yup.  I’m endlessly searching for low carb tasty treats.


So a while later, I looked in the fridge.  I don’t see a box of ice cream goodies.  Then, I see the cute little cups of ice cream like you used to get in school lunches.  I grabbed one, but hey…  I wasn’t born yesterday, and being a Craig, I’m suspicious, so I started reading it.

Doggy treats!  I marched my butt into the living room and gave my son the evil eye.     “Dog treats?”

“Darn.”  He laughed. “Why do you have to read everything?”

Duh, it’s because I live with other Craigs who think it would be funny if I ate dog food.

Then, my son got that I’m-a-sneaky-Craig smile.  “Why don’t we turn this trick on its head and play it on someone else.”

Seriously?  I mean, he’d just tried to trick me, and now he wanted me to participate in doing something to another innocent person?

“Who?” I asked with glee. What can I say, I’m a Craig?

Plan made, I picked up the phone and called his girlfriend.  “Hey,” I said.  “I just wanted to say thanks for the ice cream.  It wasn’t all that sweet, but it was good.”

She almost laughed, and then I said, “Where did you get them? I’ll have to pick up some more.”

“Uhh…” she said.  I hear the terror and indecision in her voice and almost read her thoughts. Should she tell me what I ate before I eat another one, or keep her mouth shut?  How pissed is the mother of her boyfriend going to be at her?  “I don’t remember.”

What can I say? She’s a little bit of a coward.   But don’t worry, the longer she hangs around us, she’ll toughen up.

“Okay,” I told her.   “I’ll let you go.  Just wanted to say thank you.”

“Okay,” she said in a scared, I’m-so-dead voice.

My son stood in the kitchen listening, laughing silently until I hung up.  Then, he held up his phone and said, “I give her ten seconds.”

It only took five.  His phone rang and he put it on speaker.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Home,” he said.

“Are you alone?” She asked in a low voice.

“Yeah, why?”

“Your mom just called to thank me, ME, for the ice cream.  She ate it.  Even liked it.”

He chuckled. “Really. Wait until I tell her.”

“What?  You’re going to tell her?” she almost screamed.

“I have to, don’t I?  What if she eats the other one?”

“Okay.  Yeah.  I mean, No.  I don’t know.  She’s going to think I was behind it.  You know, this wasn’t my idea.  It’s was yours, and now I’m getting the blame!”

“Yeah, but…” my son deepened his voice. “I don’t her want her mad at me.  Mom’s crazy when she’s mad.”

Girlfriend moaned.  “I’m never going to be able to face her again.  She’s going to hate me.”

Finally my son laughed.

“This is not funny!” she snapped.

“Yes it is,” I said, and she heard me.

Okay, just another day at the Craig house.  But I have a feeling I need to be on guard.



What a Deal!

I’ve got some great news! Now you can read Divorced, Desperate and Dead for only 99 cents. Yes, that’s right! For a limited time the ebook version of Divorced, Desperate and Dead is on sale for 99 cents. So order your copy today at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo.

Divorced, Desperate and Dead

D,D, Dangerous hi rzAfter a disastrous marriage and divorce, Detective Cary Stevens vowed he’d never let another woman into his heart. But when his latest investigation puts him in the way of a bullet, his bachelor days—and one-night stands—may be numbered. On the brink of death, he finds himself in Room Six, a waiting room in the hereafter where in-betweeners’ fates are truly decided. He resigns himself to dying of boredom, if nothing else, in the lineup of senior citizens with their AARP magazines, when in walks the one woman who could make him want a second chance at life . . . and love.

Chloe Sanders learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished when she pushes a little girl out of the way of a moving car and wakes up in some type of purgatory. Or maybe it’s heaven, because she couldn’t have asked for a hotter guy with whom to await her final judgment. The sweeping glances of his bedroom eyes and sharp-tongued flirtatiousness tell her Cary’s certainly no angel, but is he real? When she finally wakes up, Chloe’s determined to find out if he’s truly a man of magnificent flesh and blood or just a figment of her imagination. But before she can track him down, will the murderer that first put them both in Room Six come back to finish the job?

This is how Chloe and Cary feel when they see each other for the first time.

Chloe & Cary meet.

So have you or someone you know had a near death experience? Do you believe in them? I kind of do.

First Kisses

Every now and then I like to go back through my old blog posts and pick out my favorites  I like to call them my “Blast From the Past”. This is one I thought you’d find amusing. 🙂

Love-lips-kiss-day-greetingsDo you remember your first kiss?  Ahh, I do.  I’ve been hesitant to blog about it because it’s one of those memories you hold tight to. Not necessarily because it’s so special, but down-right embarrassing.

I was thirteen and spending the night at my grandparents.  My uncle, who was only two years older than me, also had a friend staying the night.  Ahh, he was a hottie as well as what I considered an older boy.  Probably fourteen and a half!  After everyone had gone to bed, I heard someone say my name at the door.  He said he couldn’t sleep and wondered if I wanted to talk.  Yup, we’d shared a bit of dialogue earlier along with a few long lingering stares, but neither of us wanted my uncle to know we were intrigued with each other.

After I crawled out of bed, and put on my jeans, we sought out a place to . . . chat. My grandparent’s house had this old rambling floor plan where the rooms were built on to the structure one by one.  We sat on a sofa, in an odd sitting room connected to the bathroom–the only bathroom in the house.  It was also the only room without sleeping family.

To say I was nervous, is like saying summers in Houston are little warm.  I was practically in full-blown hive-making panic.

We sat there and chatted for a few moments.  Actually he did most of the talking, I was speechless. Even though he appeared as unsure as I was, he leaned in, slowly, and his mouth touched mine. I felt his tongue brush across my bottom lip.  All I could think was that my first kiss was going to include tongue.  (Hey don’t you remember talking about this when you were 11 and 12?) I opened my mouth ever so slightly, because that’s what I’d heard I was supposed to do, and that’s when it happened.  A hiccup exploded from my lips. Not a light, cute noise, either.

Nope.  It was one that came right from the gut, pounces from the lips, and bounces off the walls.  I mean, here was my first kiss, with an “older boy” too, and I got the nervous hiccups.  Thank goodness he was sweet and said it wasn’t a problem.

kissAfter a few minutes of chatting (well, he did most of the chatting, I was too scared to open my mouth for fear another obnoxious sound would bounce out) he tried again to kiss me.  His mouth drew near, his lips touched mine, and this time, the noise that exploded into the room wasn’t my hiccup.  Nope, it was my granddad clearing his throat.  And I should add that, with the exception of his worn-out whitie-tighties, Grandpa was naked and his old-man gut hung over the edge of the weak elastic of his Hanes.

Older boy and I just sat there on that sofa and stared at my grandfather staring at us.  I opened my mouth to say something smart, something like, we were just talking, or something else equally unconvincing since he’d just witnessed the beginning of a kiss, but all that came out was another LOUD hiccup. Cute, older boy, shot up from the sofa and ran back to his bed, and I did the same.

Yup, my first-kiss memory could have been a tad better.  Thanks goodness I managed to snag a few better kisses later on.  And in spite of the fact that I had a less-than-desirable first kiss experience, I do love writing first kisses.

I’m writing a new Christie Craig book.  It’s a bit different, but I can’t wait to get to the first kiss.  Who knows, I may make my poor heroine hiccup.

So what about you?  Do you have first kiss story to share?


MidnightHour_Final CVR_revisedThe winner of last week’s giveaway of an ARC of Midnight Hour is Loretta Wheeler. Congratulations! Email me at christie@christie-craig.com with your mailing address.

Being Brave

Are you brave?   I don’t mean riding roller coasters, or taking leaps out of perfectly good airplanes.  I mean taking a leap of faith and stepping out of your comfort zone.  Putting yourself out there, trying something new.

Last week when I sent in the last pass on Midnight Hour, my final book in the Shadow Falls series, I remembered when the editor called me and asked if I would write a young adult series.  I didn’t write YA.  I didn’t read YA.  I didn’t even particularly like young adults.  LOL. (Don’t worry, I’ve grown to love you.)  But the point is that I came so close to saying no. I wasn’t going to do it.

The reason was simple.  And I kind of hate to even admit it. You see, I was scared.  Not trembling I’m-gonna-die kind of scared like I’d feel jumping out of a airplane—or being pushed out of one, because I would NOT jump—but the kind of fear that is even more harmful. The kind of fear that can rip away opportunities. The kind of fear that robs you of your dreams. The kind of fear that holds so many of us back from meeting our true potential.

Yup, I was scared of try something new.  Scared of failing. I was already publishing romance novels, and I had that figured out.  My books were doing well.  I had my career ladder built and was already on the climb.  So I asked myself, Why risk it?. Why not just stick to what I knew how to do?

Oddly enough, the same thing that was holding me back was what ultimately pushed me forward.


Have you ever met anyone who had so much potential and yet, they never tried.  They buried their dreams, their possibilities so deep that they no longer thought about them.  They had quit wanting them.  Those two words, “what if” weren’t even part of their vocabulary. They stopped being dreamers and started being accepters. They accept what is, the almost good, the bad, the ho-hum.

When I was young, naïve, and in an abusive marriage, I was one of those people. I had started accepting.  With the help of others, I found a new way.  I found my way back to dreaming.

And while I wasn’t anywhere close to that dark place when that phone call came in from my editor to write YA.  I realized that I had allowed myself to get really cozy in my comfort zone.  I’d stopped taking risks, stopped dreaming big.

When I think I could have missed it all because I was frightened to take a chance, to try something new, it makes me crazy.  It makes me even more courageous.  It makes me want to reach out and make sure I light fires under other settlers. For that reason I love to write about characters who are fighting to make their own dreams come true.

Midnight Hour will be my ninth novel, tenth, if you count Almost Midnight, the anthology of five novellas. This series has taken me the New York Times list, to the USA Today list. It brought me to a world I didn’t know existed.  The wonderful world of Shadow Falls.  It brought all of you into my world.

So, I want to encourage you to take a few minutes and check that emotional place where you are.  Are you in a comfort zone?  Have you stopped dreaming?  Have you started accepting?  Are you settling?

MidnightHour_Final CVR_revisedToday, one person who can tell me how they are pushing past fear and trying to make their dreams come true, will win my very first ARC of Midnight Hour.  That’s right, you’ll get to read Miranda’s book and her story of how she finally moved past her fear and the hurdles of being dyslexic, and started reaching her true potential. (Sorry this giveaway is for US residents only. If you’re reading this on Goodreads, you must leave a comment on my website blog to enter. )

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Winners from my Beach Book Bonanza!!!

The winners from last week’s ebook giveaway are Nicole Thompson, Therese Chaumont and Sara Gerhold. Email me at christie@christie-craig.com to claim your book, and please tell me if you prefer the NOOK or Kindle version.

IMG_0502-2I want to thank everyone who left a comment on my Beach Book Bonanza blogs. I hope you all learned a bit about some new authors and plan to read their books. The winner of my awesome beach tote is Therese Chaumont.  Congratulations!  You have one week to claim your beach tote. Email me at christie@christie-craig.com with your mailing address.


And Becky Humphreys from my Review Team also gets a beach tote for posting about the contest.