Scoop Out the Litter Box

Riley has a lot on her plate in Three Heartbeats Away. She’s dealing with a Bridezilla ghost, a jealous girlfriend, an alcoholic dad, and a hot guy that doesn’t remember her. But at least she has her best friend.  Kelsey and Riley have each other’s backs.  They talk, share secrets, and offer each other advice.  Do you have a friend like this?  Someone who listens, commiserates with you?  Here’s an excerpt showing Kelsey and Riley’s friendship.  Riley has just confided in Kelsey that she feels something is off with Hayden and her.






Kelsey sits up, crosses her legs, and stares at me. “Maybe you’re not as attracted to the real Hayden as you were the spirit Hayden. The whole ghost thing could have been what turned you on to him! Like bad boy versus good boy. Dead versus alive.”

“Are you crazy?” I pop up. “No. I look at him and I melt. At night, when I’m alone, he’s all I can think about. And he’s ten times more attractive now than he was!”

She holds up a hand. “Chill. I was just putting the worst-case scenario out there first. I have a few other possibilities.”

I exhale and drop back on my headboard. “Okay. What are they?”

“Maybe you’re scared.” She bites down on her bottom lip. “Like I am.” Her words come out sincere. “I know you were hurt when Carl started dating only a few weeks after you left. Maybe that scared you more than you know and now you’re afraid to love someone. Afraid they’ll walk out on you or yank your heart out and feed it to a Rottweiler.”

I let that reasoning crawl around my head and heart a second. “That’s not it, either,” I say. “Yeah, Carl hurt me, but even then I knew it wasn’t true love. I was more upset about Shala, my ex-best friend, than I was with him.”

Kelsey holds up three fingers. “Okay, third and last possibility. You need to close a few doors before you open up another one.”

“Huh?” I ask.

“Metaphorically. You’ve got a lot of open issues. Your mom issues. Hunting down a murderer. Things with your dad. That’s a lot of crap in your litter box. Maybe you need to scoop some out.” She sighs. “Which is another metaphor. A bad one, I know. What I mean is you need to solve something before you begin something.”

While her analogy feels a little off, it’s like I just heard the hammer hit the nail. I know she’s right. And her number-two reason isn’t that wrong, either. Though it’s not about Carl or Shala. This is about being abandoned and done wrong by the people I should have been able to trust. It even kind of explains why I went bonkers with the whole Brandy issue. Hayden’s needing time made me feel as if he was about to abandon me. Then when I thought he’d been seeing Brandy the same time as me, I felt like another person I loved hadn’t been honest with me.

I let out a deep breath of angst. I need to find my nerve. I need to scoop the poop out of my litter box.

I look at Kelsey. “You make a damn good shrink.” I hug her. “Now about you and Dex.”

“I’m okay,” she lies.

“No, you’re not.” I grab her hand. “Promise me that you won’t shut Dex out again. If he tries to kiss you, kiss him back. Take a chance. You know, if I’ve learned anything dealing with spirits, it’s that life is short. And I think we end up regretting more of the things we don’t do than the things we do. Give Dex a chance. He may not end up being the one. But he really likes you.”

Right then, the temperature in the room goes cold. Kelsey gets her wide-eyed there’s-a-ghost-here look. And she’s right.


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When You Hug Someone

Did you know that hugging increases levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is beneficial for stress levels, heart health and so much more? Did you know a ten second hug a day may fight infections, boost your immune system, ease depression and fatigue?


In Three Heartbeats Away, the third book in my C.C. Hunter YA series The Mortician’s Daughter, Riley learns about some of the science of hugs and discovers a twenty second hug (or longer) holds the greatest health benefits, especially for stress relief. And boy, could Riley use less stress.  I mean, she’s only trying to stop a killer. So, she starts counting the seconds when she hugs people and when they hug her. Here’s an excerpt of one of her best hugs from Hayden, the guy she loves that’s dating someone else.


We leave the hospital, and I barely get seated behind the wheel before Hayden says, “Tell me about your dead-bride search.”

I consider telling him it’s not his deal, but Hayden helped with my last two spirits. I start driving and give him the lowdown on the bride and about going to Delicious Donuts earlier.

A wrinkle appears in the middle of his forehead.“You went by yourself.”

“It was daytime. People were around.”

He shakes his head. “You’re trying to find a murderer. You shouldn’t go there alone.”

“I’m not trying to find him. I’m trying to find evidence to take to the police.”

“Same thing.” Frustration sounds in his tone.“Do you realize how crazy it is that you are even doing this?”

“What am I supposed to do? Not help them?”

“Maybe,” he says.

I halt at a stop sign and look at him. “I can’t not help them. I didn’t ask for this, but they come to me and it is what it is.”

For the next mile, we don’t speak. Then he says, “Sorry, I just… It still blows my mind. I’ll do some checking on the Internet, too.”

“Don’t you have enough on your plate?” I pull up in front of his house.

“I’m by myself all day.”

I cut the car off and pull out the keys to get his walker out of the trunk. When I set it down, I say, “I should go.”

He frowns. “You said you didn’t have to be home until five-thirty. You’ve got—”

“I know, but…my big showdown with my dad about Mom is supposed to happen this afternoon, and I need to wrap my head around what I’m going to say.” My voice almost trembles.

“You going to be okay?”

One look at his blue eyes and the truth slips out.“I don’t know.”

Hayden stands there. “Call me when it’s over. I’m sure you’ll need to talk.” He picks up the walker and sets it on the curb and uses it to step up.

I worry he did too much today.“Hand me your keys and I’ll unlock your door.”

He hands them to me, and I move with him up the walkway.

We get to the porch, and I unlock the door and hand him his keys.

Our hands touch, and the brief contact is almost painful. “Riley, I’m sorry you’re having to go through this.”

“I know.”

Before I realize his intention, he pushes his walker aside and hugs me.

I close my eyes and let my head rest on his chest. I know this spot. I can smell his skin, feel his chest rise and fall. Alive. The boy I was so afraid of losing is alive and walking. And he cares. About me. Emotion stings my eyes.

His cheek comes down to the side of my temple. I savor the closeness, relish the feel of his arms around me. I memorize his whispered breath against my cheek. Counting the seconds, I pray for twenty. Or more than twenty. I get to thirty before Hayden says, “I’ll be thinking about you.”

His arms fall from around me. I step back. Our eyes meet, hold, and I feel it, the connection I’ve never felt with anyone else.

“Call me,” he says. “If only to say you survived. I’ll worry if you don’t.”

Nodding, I walk back to my car. I get inside. The warmth of his embrace lingers. I look out the window. He’s still there watching me. Part of me wants to run back and hug him again. But I remember my appointment with Dad.

I start my car.When I pull out, I see a candy-apple-red Honda parked across the street. And I recognize who’s in the driver’s seat—recognize who’s staring at me. Brandy.

She had to have seen us hug. This can’t be good.

I keep driving. The moment I come to a side street, I turn, put my car in park, and text Hayden: Brandy’s parked across from your house.

Three dots appear, then disappear. And so does the sweetness of Hayden’s hug. I remember his figuring-out comment.

Why does everything in my life have to be so screwed up?

Want to read more about Riley and Hayden and their adventures? You can order all three books in my Mortician’s Daughter series now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Are you a hugger? Do you easily hug your family and friends? Or is it something you are uncomfortable with?


Susan C. Muller

I’m very lucky to have a special guest on my blog this week. Susan C. Muller writes grabs-you-by-your-throat suspense books that you can’t put down. She loves to travel the world and has been known to snorkel with penguins, travel down the Amazon, zip line off tall buildings, and spend the night in a hammock in the rain forest. When not writing, she can be found doing volunteer work at a local hospital. She loves to read, travel, snorkel and take long walks with her dog..Her newest release, Time to Run, is about a woman on the run from the mob and the FBI. With heart pounding suspense, you won’t be able to put Time to Run down.

I couldn’t wait to ask Susan a few questions about Time to Run.

I really liked your heroine, Jax Duncan.  Can you give me three words that best describe her? 

Strong. Even when frightened she never gives up.

Resilient  Whatever life throws at her, she adapts and never loses faith things will improve.

Skeptical.  If you can’t trust the FBI, you can’t trust anybody…and she doesn’t trust the FBI.

In what way are you like Jax? 

Her favorite place is the local library.

And in what way are you different from her? 

She grew up a rich pampered princess. Her life changed in the blink of an eye and she learned to live with nothing.

Do you have an elevator pitch of the book that you can share?

When Jax Duncan witnesses a mob execution, she becomes the next target for the hit man and the prime suspect for the FBI. After four years on the run, both have found her. Now she must run again. Only this time she has an added burden… An injured FBI agent who depends on her to keep him alive until he’s well enough to arrest her.

Tell me a secret about yourself that your readers don’t know. 

I’ll tell you something that will make you sad. I’m allergic to chocolate.

When Jax Duncan stumbles across a mob execution, she becomes the next target for the hit man and the prime suspect for Special Agent Lincoln Montgomery. She decides to hide out until the case is solved and her name cleared.

In each new city she tries to make a life for herself, but no place feels safe. She can still hear the violent confrontation, smell the blood . . . she still watches over her shoulder everywhere she goes, terrified of being discovered . . . eliminated.

Now her worst fears have come true. The hit man has found her. And so has Special Agent Montgomery, the one person with the power to either lock her up or clear her name–if only he’ll believe her.

Unwilling to take that chance, she must run again. Only this time she has an added burden . . . a wounded FBI agent who depends on her to keep him alive until he’s well enough to arrest her.

You can buy Time to Run at Amazon. You can find out more about Susan and her books at


Lincoln heard a voice echoing up from the bottom of a deep well. His eyes cracked open a slit, slammed shut against the glare of the overhead light, and opened again.

Jax sat on the edge of his bed.

“You came back. I thought you’d left.”

“I walked to the nearest drug store and bought you something.” She held up a pair of shiny, aluminum crutches. “Try to stand, walk around a little. We need to get moving.”

“Where to?”

“Away from here. This place is too dangerous. If I found it, so can they.”

Thinking made his head hurt. He lifted the crutches from Jax’s hand and stood. The room only swayed a little as he maneuvered his way into the bathroom, turned on the tap, and splashed cold water on his face. The water in the sink turned pink.

He glanced in the mirror and almost fell backward. The face staring back at him was nearly unrecognizable. Dried blood from his nose still coated his upper lip like a disgusting, red Hitler moustache. His eyes were bloodshot. A purple bruise was forming on his forehead, and his hair fanned out in seven different directions.

He wet his hand and tried to smooth it down.

“No one cares about your hair, Romeo. Wash the blood off your face and let’s go.” Jax’s reflection stared back at him from the mirror.

He could learn to hate that woman.


The winner of last week’s t-shirt giveaway is Becka Lynn. Becka, please send your t-shirt size and mailing address to Congratulations!


Three Heartbeats Away, my C.C. Hunter young adult paranormal released last week. It’s been getting great reviews. Do you read young adult books? Have you read it yet? A lot happens to Riley. In fact, someone gets shot! And getting shot really sucks! Who do you think get shot?  Here’s an excerpt with some clues.



The phone rings again. I snatch it off the bedside table and hear Kelsey muttering something about the cold and ghosts. I see the time is eleven. Not as late as I assumed, but we were both exhausted and went to bed right at nine.

I blink and focus on the number, half expecting it to be Dad but praying it isn’t. I don’t want to have this conversation now. Too tired. Too hurt. Too…everything. But when I focus on the screen, I realize I’m wrong. It’s not Dad.

It’s Hayden. What’s he doing calling this late? My heart says he might have remembered something else. Maybe even remembers everything about us this time.

“Hello?” My voice sounds scratchy and sleepy.

“Riley.” His voice is pure panic. “This is going to sound so nuts, but I just…had another dream or whatever you want to call it, and in it Kelsey’s grandmother insisted I call you to wake you up because you’re in danger. She said she tried to wake you but couldn’t. I didn’t want to call, but it felt so real. And I thought… Shit, I shouldn’t have called. This is stupid.”

“What danger?” Cobwebs of sleep start clearing.

“It sounds crazy,” Hayden said.

Bessie appears, fear and fret in her eyes. “He’s here. Get out of the house.”

“Is that her I hear talking?” Hayden asks.

“Gotta go!” I disconnect the call with Hayden and stare at Bessie. “What’s wrong?”

“He’s trying to break in right now! Go out the back door!”

My heart jumps, and my mind goes straight to the man who murdered the bride. “The killer’s here? How—”

“What?” Kelsey fights to get the covers off and sits up. “Killer? Here?”

“No,” Bessie says. “Charles is here. But he’s drunk or high, and he’s got a gun.”

“Crap!” My pulse flutters at the base of my neck.

“Crap what?” Kelsey’s eyes are wide and awake now.

I shoot off the bed, still feeling half out of it, and look down at my best friend. “Charles is here!”

Kelsey bounces out of bed, then shakes her head. “No, he’s in jail.”

The cracking sound of glass breaking echoes from the living room and punctuates her words. Footsteps echo in the house. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. A door farther in the house opens, then slams.

“Window,” Bessie yells.

“Bat?” Kelsey screams.

“You left it in my car,” I say and tell myself to think, to think fast.

“Window,” Bessie yells.

“Window,” Kelsey says, almost as if she hears her grandmother. Kelsey runs for her window and tries to pull it up. I run to help. More footsteps ring out.

“Hurry,” Bessie says.

Kelsey’s bedroom door swings open. We turn around. Charles stumbles into the room, a gun in his outstretched hand.

All I can do is stare at the weapon and know it only takes a twitch of a finger to send a bullet inside either me or my best friend. One quick pull and our lives could end. I’ve never had a gun pointed at me. Never thought of them as terrifying. Until now.

You can now order your ebook or print copy of Three Heartbeats Away at Amazon,  Barnes & Noble or Kobo.


So who do you think get’s shot? Riley, Kelsey. Charles or maybe someone else?  Don’t say the answer if you know.  Let’s keep the people who haven’t read it wondering.

Today I’ll give away a C.C. Hunter T-shirt to one person who leaves me a comment and tells me their favorite things about Riley?  Don’t let it contain any spoilers. (Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only.)

Three Heartbeats Away!

Today is the day many of you have been waiting for. Yup, it’s release day for Three Heartbeats Away, the third and final book in my C.C. Hunter Young Adult Mortician’s Daughter series.

Have you read it?  Have you experienced the bone-chilling cold of Riley’s new ghost?  Have you learned the secret Riley uncovers that turns her life upside down?  Has your heart ached for Riley when she questions if her purpose with Hayden wasn’t to a part of his life, but just to make sure he lived?  Can you guess what Kelsey’s reaction is going to be when she learns exactly what’s going on with her best friend?  Pick up your copy and experience the drama, the mystery, the romance, and the grins and giggles of where Riley Smith’s journey will take you.

I always have so many mixed emotions when I release a final book in a series. I’m excited for my readers to experience the end of a character’s journey, but I’m also sad to have to say goodbye to all the fictional friends I made. I also get really anxious to hear what my readers think about the book. But so far, reviews about the series have been awesome. Here are just a few of the things that have been said:

“Master storyteller C.C. Hunter has a way of drawing you into a story and never letting go. Her characters are so alive, you feel like you’re sitting next to them, and their stories so real, you feel included in every aspect of their lives. Smart. Captivating. Heart wrenching. Miss Hunter is, and will always be, on my MUST READ list!”—NY Times Bestselling Author Darynda Jones

“I love this girl! Riley. She’s a corker. I always expect a lot from C.C. Hunter, and she always delivers.”—Chez Shay Online Book Reviews

“I so cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!!!!! C.C. Hunter has never ever failed to amaze me with her books.”—Lovely Read Publishing

“Filled with expected tropes and twists that can be found in many YA books C.C. Hunter is an expert at weaving her tales to let you have a fantastic reading time.”—Beware of the Reader 

“This [Mortician’s Daughter] series is the perfect blend of eerie paranormal action, drama and plenty of will-they-won’t-they scenarios with to-die-for crushes.” –RT Book Reviews

The dead carry their secrets with them…

At least until they end up at Riley Smith’s door. Her latest spectral visitor is a murdered bride with a need for revenge, and not necessarily for the person who killed her. Never mind that killer is about to strike again. Riley’s determined to help, but is missing Hayden, the hot, ghostly boy who’s always had her back.

Living, breathing Hayden is awake, which means his spirit isn’t around to flirt with Riley anymore. Worse yet, the “real” Hayden doesn’t remember her. Their connection had been so strong. Did his feelings for Riley just disappear into the ether?

As Riley gets closer to finding the bride’s killer, other secrets are revealed: secrets that changes everything Riley thought she knew about her parents. But before she can completely unravel the mystery of her past, Riley will need to escape the murderer that threatens her future.

You can now order your ebook or print copy of Three Heartbeats Away at Amazon,  Barnes & Noble or Kobo.






Ghosts & a Giveaway!

I have talked about my fascination with ghosts and my personal experiences with them. I’m not sure why I love ghosts and ghost stories, but I know I’m not the only one. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many movies and TV series about ghosts. Just look at the number of reality ghost hunting and paranormal investigating TV series. There’s Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Mine and Ghost Asylum, just to name a few. I don’t usually watch those because then I’d never be able to be alone in my house again.

I tend to watch the fictional TV series like The Ghost Whisperer, which I love, and still watch it when it’s on. I also watch Ghostbusters whenever it’s on.I recently shared my love of the movie Ghost, still one of my all time favorites. But I recently started watching The InBetween, a new series on NBC. This might become one of my favorites. It’s about a young woman, much like Riley, who assists the dead with their unresolved problems and helps detectives solve murder cases. Watch the trailer HERE.

In a lot of ways, the character in The InBetween, Cassie Bedford, reminds me of an older Riley.  They deal with some of the same things, needy spirits, and sometimes gruesome crimes.  Neither of them are super heroes, they are ordinary females with extraordinary gifts.  They get scared, they have other issues weighing on their minds, but their determination to help the dead is admirable and courageous.  I can’t wait for you see Riley in action in this last book in the series.




The countdown for the release of Three Heartbeats Away has started. Only two weeks from today, Three Heartbeats Away will be out. So, if you want to enter my preorder contest, you have to before June 18th. Just preorder Three Heartbeats Away at Amazon,  Barnes & Noble or Kobo, and send a screen shot or copy of the receipt to me at Then you’ll be entered to win this cool tote filled with awesome swag (promo stuff). But please note, Three Heartbeats Away is up for preorder as an ebook only. However, on release day it will also be available in paperback.

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(Sorry but both giveaways are limited to U.S. residents.)


I’ll give away a t-shirt and an ebook of either One Foot in the Grave or Two Feet Under (your choice)to one person who leaves a comment telling me about their favorite TV show. It doesn’t even have to be about ghosts. If you are reading this on Goodreads, you’ll have to pop over to…… to enter to win. (Sorry, but this giveaway is also only for U.S. residents.)


A Very Special Guest…

Author Camille Faye is my special guest this week. She and I have so much in common that when we first met, I felt like I’d known her for years. We both love to travel, we both have had experiences with ghosts–which led to a love of paranormal, and she also has a fondness for New Orleans. But the reason I wanted you to meet her is because she writes amazing books. Her Voodoo Butterfly series is awesome, and I really wanted to share it with you. So with the recent release of the third book in her series, Flight, I sat down with her to ask her a few questions about it.




  1. Flight is the third book in your Voodoo Butterfly series. In the series, Sophie Nouveau, inherits her grandmother’s voodoo shop in New Orleans. Have you always been interested in voodoo or did you learn about it for this series?

In the past, I worked as a journalist and I also have a Master’s in English, so I have experience researching topics with written resources and through interviews. I just love learning about other cultures, plus travel is a big passion of mine. So I did a lot of research in this series, to make voodoo as authentic as possible. As I worked my way through all the stereotypes and misinformation from the media and Hollywood, I really enjoyed getting to understand the true culture and history of this world religion. For example, I learned that hoodoo is actually practiced by many Christians in the American south, but that doesn’t mean those people practice voodoo. And many voodoo practitioners, like the famous Marie Laveau, are staunch Catholics who attend daily Mass.

When I started my series, I knew I would set my story in New Orleans, so I brainstormed how magic would fit into this world I was building. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, which shows J.K. Rowling’s version of England’s style of magic.  Voodoo and hoodoo are a huge piece of our nation’s history, going back to the time of slavery, so it is our American tradition of magic. I have many resources on my Facebook page and Pinterest, which I used during my research of these fascinating parts of our American culture, if people are interested in learning more.

  1. In Flight, Sophie goes to Malaysia to find her love, Taj, and you’re married to a man from Malaysia. Did you do any of your research there? What do you like most about the country?

I love traveling in the name of “research” (LOL). Since all of my husband’s family still live in Malaysia, we try to visit there every couple of years. Now that we have kids, they get to play with their Malaysian cousins and learn about that side of their heritage, which is really cool, too.

In Flight, I incorporate sensory details to describe Malaysia’s incredible food scene, which is admired worldwide for its blends of Thai, Chinese, and Indian culinary influences. As for the paranormal side of Flight, I go into how Malaysians will use black magic against each other. If someone is jealous or angry, they can go see a medicine man who will send an evil spirit or ghost to torment the person they are targeting. Some people might think that is superstitious nonsense, but to me, it’s horrific. How can you hate someone so much that you would want them to be supernaturally tormented?

During my research, I came across a YouTube video showing a jinn possessing a young Malay woman. We know them in Western culture as genies, but jinn are a paranormal entity from Arab lore, who can interfere in our world. Some jinn are ambivalent to human affairs, some are mischievous, but some can also be trapped (yes, in a bottle) and can be used to torment your enemies. It’s so fascinating to find out the roots of these legends.

  1. Tell us a little about Sophie. What kind of person is she? What motivates her?

Sophie grew up the child of an alcoholic, so when readers first meet her, she has those emotional walls up and reinforced. When she first visits New Orleans, she knows nothing about her family’s heritage because her mother kept that past secret. As the last woman in the Papillon line, Sophie decides to take over her family’s voodoo shop and the title of Mind Changer. The women in her family, going back hundreds of years, are called Mind Changers because they have the specialized magical ability to turn evil people good.

As she opens her heart more, her magic becomes stronger and she is able to help more and more people overcome their own inner demons. A large part of the series is finding where her heart belongs. She has close relationships with Taj, a Malaysian man who is easy to be around and easy to look at. Then there’s Jacques, a mysterious old-fashioned type who can be stuffy but sexy. Along the way, she will have to dig deep to figure out who she truly is and the kind of man she truly desires.

  1. Have you always wanted to be a writer? How did you get started?

I did! My mom actually wrote a booklet on quilting when I was nine. She purchased an electronic typewriter for that project and I would use it to write stories about Oscar the Grouch or princesses in faraway kingdoms.

From there, I worked on my high school and college newspapers. At the University of Missouri’s journalism program, I got to work for the local NBC affiliate as a reporter, anchor, and web producer. I went on to earn a Master’s in English and teach writing at universities in Missouri and Illinois. So I’ve been able to try out many different types of writing. I love it!

  1. What are you working on now? What is next for you?

Currently, I am juggling revising the fourth book in The Voodoo Butterfly Series and drafting the fifth. My plan is to release both of those books in 2020.

For more information about me or my books, readers can check out my website at There they can also read through my blog or sign up for my email newsletter (I only send emails for important things, like new releases or book signing events).

My books are available on Amazon.










Thanks so much for taking this time with me, Camille. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!


Riley in my C.C. Hunter novel,Three Heartbeats Away, is a typical teenager, well, if you don’t count the fact that she can see and hear ghosts. Other than that, she has the usual boyfriend problems. Well, you can if you think having a guy in a comma fall in love with you then completely forget you once he’s awake.  But other than that, Riley’s life is pretty normal.

And now her latest ghost is a Bridezilla bent on revenge, and not just on the person who killed her. She’ll take out her wrath on anyone who gets in her way. And Riley is for sure in her way. And she’s not going anywhere either. Not when the dead bride claims to know things about her mom. But Riley would love if she’d stop throwing knives around the house.

Time is running out to enter my Three Heartbeats Away preorder contest. I’m closing this contest on June 18th when Three Heartbeats Away is released. So hurry up and preorder your copy and send a scan or link of you purchase to You’ll be entered to win this tote filled with theses goodies. Preorder Three Heartbeats Away at AmazonBarnes & Noble or Kobo(U.S. residents only, please.)


The dead carry their secrets with them…

At least until they end up at Riley Smith’s door. Her latest spectral visitor is a murdered bride with a need for revenge, and not necessarily for the person who killed her. Never mind that killer is about to strike again. Riley’s determined to help, but is missing Hayden, the hot, ghostly boy who’s always had her back.

Living, breathing Hayden is awake, which means his spirit isn’t around to flirt with Riley anymore. Worse yet, the “real” Hayden doesn’t remember her. Their connection had been so strong. Did his feelings for Riley just disappear into the ether?

As Riley gets closer to finding the bride’s killer, other secrets are revealed: secrets that changes everything Riley thought she knew about her parents. But before she can completely unravel the mystery of her past, Riley will need to escape the murderer that threatens her future.


I think we’ve all known someone with a drinking problem. Maybe it’s a friend or relative. Someone very close or more distant.  In Riley’s case in my Mortician’s Daughter series, it’s her dad. She kind of understands.  She knows he misses her mother, who passed away. But dang it! Riley misses her too, and she still needs her dad. He’s already lost several jobs as a mortician. That’s why they’ve had to move so often. But this time, Riley likes Catwalk, Texas and she’s even got a best friend, Kelsey.. And if you’ve ever found a person who will always have your back, you know how hard the thought of losing them can be. And if Riley even has a chance for Hayden to remember her and all that they shared, well, she just has to stay.

So, she’s on the lookout for signs to see if her dad’s drinking is getting worse. He’s not been at work when he said he was—she knows because she’s checked up on him. And she’s found empty liquor bottles hidden in his room. But now, there’s something more…something about her mother. There’s a secret, one that will tear her family apart and change her view of her mother for ever—and she’s about to find out what it is.

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My Love of Ghosts

Ghosts are a recurring theme in my books. I’ve told you about my experiences with them especially as a child, and I guess it’s really stuck with me. That’s probably why I write about them and why I’m drawn to books, movies and TV shows with ghosts. In my C.C.Hunter Mortician’s Daughter series, Riley is challenged to help ghosts solve their final problems or even catch their killer, in order for them to move on. Dealing with all the usual teenage problems, not to mentions her alcoholic dad, is hard enough for Riley without adding ghosts into the mix. In Three Heartbeats Away, the final book in the series, Riley’s problems at home worsen, but she still has to deal with a Bridezilla ghost out for revenge. And to top it off, the guy she’s in love with doesn’t even remember her.  But none of that may matter if she can’t stop the bride’s killer, because she may be the next ghost to crossing over.

There have been a lot of movies with ghosts over the years, so I can’t be the only one that finds them fascinating. Ghostbusters was a movie franchise based on ghosts and demons. And who can forget The Shining? That movie scared the beejeezus out of me. Most ghost movies are horror movies, but not all of them. One of my very favorite movies, ghosts or no ghosts, is Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Is there a hotter movie scene than the one they have at the potter’s wheel?

Then there are the TV shows. Did you watch Medium?  I loved Ghost Whisperer, and I still watch it sometimes. That series has had a big impact on my books.

Reality shows about ghosts have been on a long time, too. Sometimes I watch shows like Ghost Hunters or Most Haunted. I have to say, since they’re reality shows, they creep me out more than the fictional shows. So I can’t watch them very often. Hubby isn’t a fan of sleeping with the lights on.

What are your favorite ghost movies or TV shows? Is there a new one I should be watching?


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